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Air Conditioning Company in Jensen Beach, Florida

Treasure Coast Air Conditioning, Inc. provides several services to local customers

There is an air conditioning company in Jensen Beach that provides a number of professional services to local customers in Florida. This includes various kinds of year round cleaning, maintenance, repairs, and installations of air conditioning units. Air conditioners in Florida should be maintained throughout all of the seasons, as the weather remains consistently warm and air conditioning is necessary at all times. A brief description of each type of service is helpful for anyone who is about to contact the company to schedule a meeting and inspection of their air conditioner.

Treasure Coast Air Conditioning, Inc. is available to assist anyone who needs their Jensen Beach AC repair performed by experienced technicians.

AC maintenance in Jensen Beach, FL

Treasure Coast Air Conditioning Team working on repairing and replacement issues & maintenance of AC systemsIt is important for air conditioners to be maintained by a professional technician to ensure that they are working properly and do not develop any serious problems. Most air conditioners should be examined by a technician at regular intervals of time as they age, in order to find any developing issues as they emerge. Homeowners can schedule various kinds of regular maintenance to be performed by an AC maintenance company in Jensen Beach.

When the scheduled date arrives, a technician will perform a few different services to keep the unit in top working order. This will help keep their air conditioner functional throughout its lifespan, keep energy costs down, and the technician can recommend that any additional problems be fixed as soon as they appear. Homeowners who invest in general maintenance can help avoid sudden shutdowns that will require repairs and cause disruptions in service.  

Air Conditioning Cleaning services in Jensen Beach, FL

Like any other appliance in the home, an air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly. Air conditioners can start to have issues with moisture accumulation, as well as other types of debris that can affect the functioning of the air conditioner. There are various parts on the unit such as fins, fans, drains, and coils that are exposed to the elements while the air conditioner is running each day. As time passes, the parts will need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that they work properly. Clogging in the drains is also another common problem that requires cleaning for the unit to start working properly again. A Jensen Beach AC cleaning service can send one of their experienced technicians to perform all of these tasks. Cleanings are strongly recommended for any customer who has not had their air conditioner serviced for an extended period of time, as well as those who have experienced recent problems with their air conditioner.

AC Duct issues and replacements in Jensen Beach, FL

While not part of the air conditioning unit, the ducts that carry air away and throughout the residence are an important part of a functional cooling system. A consistent issue with having air pushed through these ducts is that they start to accumulate undesirable materials over time such as dust and mold from the moisture in the air. Once the ducts accumulate large amounts of dust and debris, they will require a cleaning from a professional Jensen Beach AC duct cleaning service. The air quality and flow will increase once the ducts have been cleared. Homeowners often notice less dust in the air and around after the ducts are emptied.

There are also times where the air ducts become damaged and need to be either repaired or replaced entirely. This service can be performed by an AC duct repair company in Jensen Beach. The new ducts will help prevent losses in air flow, which also keeps energy costs lower and keeps the home cooler. A technician can evaluate and inspect the air ducts during a service visit, and then recommend whether a replacement or repair is necessary based on their findings.

Repairs for air conditioners that have stopped working

One of the main reasons people contact a Jensen Beach air conditioning repair service is that their air conditioner has suddenly stopped working. This can be due to several different reasons, and it is the technician’s job to find and solve the problem during a service call. Some of the more common reasons why the air conditioner requires repairs are leaks of the refrigerant fluids, condenser coils that are clogged or have stopped working for other reasons, issues with the evaporator coils, a shorted capacitor, and a damaged thermostat. Each of these issues can generally be resolved with cleaning or replacement parts. In cases where the unit is damaged beyond repair, the technician can recommend a brand new unit from an air conditioning company Jensen Beach, as an air conditioner will only last so many years before an entirely new replacement is required.

Installations of air conditioners in Jensen Beach, FL

Treasure Coast Air Conditioning worked on AC Replacement, they also offer AC Installation & Maintenance, AC Repair & Replacement in Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, & Stuart FL, etcPeople who are either entering a new home or those who have had the same air conditioner for many years will need to have a new air conditioner installed. This process should only be entrusted to a professional AC installation service in Jensen Beach for a number of different reasons. The new air conditioner needs to be properly connected in areas such as electrical inputs and drains. If an installation is not performed correctly, it is likely that the unit will start to experience problems a short time later. The technician should also check the new unit after the installation to ensure that it will work properly as expected after they leave.

Treasure Coast Air Conditioning has technicians with significant experience in Jensen Beach AC installation. They can advise any customer throughout the installation process to keep them informed and aware of how to keep their new air conditioner in the best working condition.

Getting more information about various air conditioning services

People who have more specific questions about their air conditioning needs can contact Treasure Coast Air Conditioning, Inc. directly. Their professionals can provide answers about AC cleaning and maintenance in Jensen Beach, along with any other services that may be necessary. The company looks forward to providing help to new customers as well as clients who have already established a long term business relationship.